Club Penguin – Non Member Glitch

This glitch is no longer working

Today whilst I was on Club Penguin, I went onto my non member account on Club Penguin, I use this penguin as my test penguin. I went onto my non membered account to see if there were any glitches. And yes, sure enough there was one not very obvious one. If you go to the gift shop, and try to buy the ‘Water Ripple ‘ hair in the Penguin Style catalog being a non member, it works! Here’s my non member account:

Open up the Penguin Stlye with you’re non member account, and try purchasing the ‘Water Ripple ‘ hair style:

Once, you have clicked ‘ Buy ‘ , this will come up. Click ‘ Yes’.

After you have clicked ‘Yes’ this will come up on your screen:

In the picture above, It shows my non member account loosing connection, and It just won’t load. There is no point in waiting for it to load, because you’ll be there forever. So just log off, and see if the item is added to your inventory. Overall this glitch is very strange! Credit to Deanz101 for showing me this glitch! -Mrzero3

24 thoughts on “Club Penguin – Non Member Glitch

  1. it didnt even work for me because i clicked “buy” and it says “You need to be a member to access this item”… SO IT DID NOT WORK ANONYMOUS PEOPLE!


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