Club Penguin – Puffle Medic Pin – November 28th 2013

As it has been two full weeks since Club Penguin last updated the pin, a new one has been hidden somewhere on the island – this time, the Puffle Medic pin. If you are eager to obtain it, I suggest that you follow this quick and easy Club Penguin Pin tutorial:

  1. Log in to Club Penguin, and pick any server.
  2. Open-up your map or your Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone device to teleport to the Club Penguin Dance Lounge/ Arcade (which is above the Dance Club in the Town).
  3. Either click or waddle up to the Puffle Medic pin, to obtain it. Then, simply accept all of the messages that will pop-up.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 9.51.44 AM

What do you think? Have you obtained it? Remember to let the Club Penguin Reveals team hear your opinions and answers, by leaving us a comment below this post.


Waddle on,



What do you think?

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