Cool Boy 887 Presents: Exciting news!

Hi guys! I am about to announce something HUGE coming for Club Penguin Reveals. Drum roll please! *drum roll* Figure Comedy Videos! The first video however has already been filmed! How exciting?! If you would like to have a requested video filmed, by me, Leave it in the comments! The first video will be uploaded by today or tomorrow so keep an eye out! I would be delighted to do this for Mrzero3 and I know that he is %100 happy about this! I am glad that I get to do my job and my other hobbies at the same time! Don’t worry, I will still be posting normally on CPR as usual, I will just have many videos. If you want to tell me what I should post next on CPR, choose one of these answers!

A. The First CPR Comedy Video

B. Cool Boy 887 – About myself

C. Something from the Club Penguin blog

It’s all up to you! What do you think about this amazing news? Leave it in the comments! Until next time… Waddle On! ~Cool Boy 887


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