Club Penguin – My Penguin 1.3 is Released

The most recent My Penguin update was finally released a few hours earlier today, and was far from a disappointment. In fact, today marks the day of one of the biggest, and most impressive updates in Club Penguin history to date.

The update was released a little later that what us penguins were expecting, but other than that, the update was released with no problems at all. The update took around 7-10 minutes for me, but my internet isn’t the best, so it could vary on what your internet is like.

Once you have either updated My Penguin, you’ll be welcomed the the same screen that you usually get, however, it now has the Town in the background, which can be entered by simply tapping it.

Once you have done that, you’ll be welcomed into the town. Take a look!


Awesome, right!? There ended up being a massive crowd, and the 3d penguins really gave it a great vibe!

And not only are us penguins welcome to visit the town, we have also been granted with the ability to visit all of the other rooms that are accessible through the town. These rooms being The Coffee Shop, Dance, and Clothes Shop. Here is a screenshot of be paying a visit to the Coffee Shop! Take a look.


I for one, absolutely love this update, and I’m sure you all do as well. This is an awesome way to hang out,  it is in my opinion the future of Club Penguin. Today was truly a special day for Club Penguin and I think we can all admit that the Club Penguin Team has done a superb job on this update.

There were also 2 new mini games released on My Penguin, which are Pizzatron 3000, and Smoothie Smash, so make sure to check them both out!

Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions on the My Penguin 1.3 update in the comment section!

Waddle On,



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