Club Penguin Reveals Video – Christmas Short (2013)

Hey guys! I thought I might as well do this video early because tomorrow is my last day of school so its a bit easier having this over and done with. I really like this video because the intro is cool. I will make another outro in the Christmas Special but I didn’t have to to make one this time. So – ENJOY! 

If you are wondering the names of these penguins, here they are! Dixon (The rockstar) Cool Boy 887 (The life-guard) Luigispanish (Franken-Penguin) Sharkk Boy (the explorer) and Penguin (the penguin). Dixon does not like people touching his chocolate! If you liked this video, be sure to check out Club Penguin Reveals first video – Club Penguin – The Mob – Maybe leave a comment if you like! the next video will be very special and maybe over 15 minutes! Thanks for waddling by to check out my video! Until then – Waddle On! ~Cool Boy 887, Club Penguin Reveals Video-Maker and Author


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