Club Penguin – Coollegoguy4’s 13th Birthday Party!

Hello everyone!

On the 14th January 2014, my real-life birthday, I shall be 13 years old! Therefore, to celebrate, I shall be holding a very special pre-birthday party on (you’ve guessed it) CLUB PENGUIN! I would have been unable to attend a party on my birthday and, the weekend after, my birthday shall be allocated to visiting Heathrow airport for some plane spotting. I have since figured that it would be best to hold a party on the 11th January 2014, the Saturday before these dates. I hope to see you there, but please do read the below invitation for the full details of the party.

ImageIf you are unable to read the above invitation, here is a full text transcript.

Date: Saturday 11th January 2014

Time: 7 AM PST, 3 PM GMT, 5 PM SAST, 10 AM EST; 1 PM BRST; 6 PM EEST; 8PM GST; 8:30 PM IST

Server: Summit

Initial meeting room: Town

I do apologize if you are unable to attend due to the time that it may be in your country when the party is held, but this is probably the most convenient time for as many places as possible. If your country has not been listed, please leave a comment below and I shall reply to it in due course. I do hope you attend, and that we can have lots of fun: friending; post carding; exploring; visiting igloos and much more!

See you there,



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