Club Penguin EPF Message – 3rd January 2014

Every week, Club Penguin updates our EPF Spy Phones with fresh new messages that lets us, as EPF Agents, take an insight into the latest movements of the powerful Elite Penguin Force. This week is no exception, apart from the fact that this message is not really of top importance, but does bring another jolly laugh to the amazing world of Club Penguin. This time the message has been sent by the silly Agent Rookie, and has been dated for the 3rd January 2014. Don’t hesitate to check out the message below.


The image above may not be visible, and we therefore give you a full transcript of the message below.

Happy New Year! That was the BEST year EVER! There were puffles, super heroes, dragons, vampires and…uh oh. I don’t think I’m supposed to use this for non-EPF messages.

No need to worry Rookie, special exceptions can be made at this time of year! What do you think of this EPF Message? Please leave your thoughts in a short comment in the comment section below. Thank you!



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