The Spoiler Alert- Episode #9 (Feb. 3, 2014) + Clown-Free Fair!?!

Hello! Recently, Club Penguin has posted a new Spoiler Alert just liked they promised last week. Keep your eye out for HUGE spoilers coming this Thursday that are shown in the video. (Club Penguin didn’t upload it onto YouTube yet. Thanks TheChamagool9 for uploading the Spoiler Alert!)

Here are the updates that will be available from February 6th:

Newspaper Issue #433- The Fair’s Big Return!



Woah! Rookie decided the Fair to be clown-free!? Well, I don’t know if that’s a very good decision. From the main headline, I presume that items from the Fair can be brought using tickets, as it shows raining tickets in the image.

February 2014 Penguin Style Catalog





8-Bit Puffle Pin


Be Cool, Be Heard, Be Safe Quiz



Awesome! We get a Safety Sweater for passing the quiz!

Well, I guess those are all the spoilers for this week! If you have any inquiries, please leave a comment below.

-Superpen2345 (To-Be Passer of the Safety Quiz)


6 thoughts on “The Spoiler Alert- Episode #9 (Feb. 3, 2014) + Clown-Free Fair!?!

  1. I am okay with no clowns. I know 99.9999 clowns are kind loving nice fun people, but for the .1 percent hiding behind makeup etc. around children, penguins and/or puffles…..well, I just feel uneasy around clowns I always have.


  2. Weird, It does not say any of this right now On CP. not even the catalog or the newspaper. I think u live in a different country to the UK, I live there, (UK) and its not fair the updates come after does not matter though.


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