Club Penguin in Russian/ Играть Club Penguin на русском

I’m deeply sorry for this incredibly late updates post, although better late than never, they say! Furthermore, Club Penguin is now playable in Russian, as well as in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and German. With the release of Russian Club Penguin, this must mean that Club Penguin does indeed have a lot of Russian Club Penguin players, which I never really suspected.

How to play Club Penguin in Russian:

  1. Visit Club Penguin.
  2. Click on the language scroller, and click on the last option which reads: “русский” (meaning Russian in Russian transcript).
  3. Log-in as usual and click on any random server.

That’s it, you’re now playing Club Penguin on Russian servers:

I'm on my other penguin - Darth Klutzy, in case you're wondering who that penguin is.

I’m on my other penguin – Darth Klutzy, in case you’re wondering who that penguin is.

Now, if you’re Russian you probably have no idea what this post translates to, so here’s a full Russian translation of the above tutorial. No, I do not speak Russian, this is from a translator, so hence any grammatical errors!

Я глубоко извиняюсь за это невероятно конце обновления в темах, хотя лучше поздно, чем никогда, они говорят! Кроме того, Club Penguin является в настоящее время играть на русском языке, а также на португальском, испанском, английском, французском и немецком языках. С выпуском Российской Club Penguin, это должно означать, что Club Penguin действительно имеет много Русский клуб Penguin игроков, которые я никогда не подозреваемых.
Как играть Club Penguin на русском языке:

Посетите Club Penguin.
Кликните на языке скроллер, и нажмите на последний вариант, который гласит: “русский” (имеется в виду русский язык в России стенограмме).
Вход в систему как обычно, и нажмите на любой случайной сервере.
Вот и все, вы сейчас играете в Club Penguin на русских серверах.

Well, that’s it penguins! Until then, have a great day and of course, waddle on!






2 thoughts on “Club Penguin in Russian/ Играть Club Penguin на русском

  1. I am curious what you mean ‘exactly’ when you say you had no idea there were Russian players. I have mixed feelings about it.
    It’s almost weirdly like a conspiracy theory proved true. I wonder that they would keep it a secret only now to be reveal, just odd somehow.
    I guess it is a good thing, but it’s strange that those generally in the know, did not know. odd, curious and curious-er.


  2. It’s not odd at all. I just didn’t think that there was such a large Russian population on the island of Club Penguin. Nothing strange about that. That was just my conspiracy, but turns out I was wrong.


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