Superpen Sunday Discussion #4- New VS. Old (My 100th Post)

*THIS IS MY 100th POST!*

Greetings penguins! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post yesterday so I decided to make a Sunday Discussion post just for this week. The Fair is coming right up in about 4 days, and I noticed how so many penguins are excited about it. First, let’s view the results from last week’s poll:


The winning statement is “YES! With no party features for non-members, it would not be fair.”- with 34 votes! Thanks for voting! Anyways, today’s discussion is about present-day Club Penguin (2011- present) and Old Club Penguin (2005-2010). There has been a debate for so many years about which time period of Club Penguin was better- either Old Club Penguin or present-day Club Penguin. We want to hear what YOU- the Club Penguin Reveals viewers- THINK! Before we check the poll, we better see the difference between Old and New Club Penguin, right?


Old Club Penguin:

New Club Penguin:


Old Club Penguin:

New Club Penguin:

Now that you know how Old and New Club Penguin looks like, let’s travel to the poll!

The results will be available February 22nd, 2014. Keep voting until then!



What do you think?

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