The Club Penguin Reveals Award Function – 2014 [OUTDATED]

Hello Penguins!

Last week, we asked all of you to vote for your favorite nominee in various categories. You guys gave thousands of votes! I mean, it’s just incredible and I have no words to explain. Anyways, as I promised last week, we’ll cut the list down to 5 people per category based on the amount of votes received. Before proceeding, I’d like to say one thing – If you haven’t managed to get on this list, don’t be upset. Club Penguin has millions of users playing everyday. At least you managed to get on top 10. This proves that you do have talent and skills. And if you haven’t been nominated for anything at all, you can try even harder next year.

The winners have been announced! Click here to check out the winners.

Congratulations, penguins! Next week, we will be announcing the winner for each category and will also reveal the prizes. Until then, keep voting!

Note: TheChamagool9 was supposed to be in the best videos section, however, his account is terminated on YouTube for some reason. Also, there are 6 nominees in the best author category because two people received the same amount of votes.

Alright then! See you guys soon.

Club Penguin Reveals Author.



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