Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Docks Up

The Puffle Party 2014 is set to arrive on the Club Penguin Island next week and, in festivity, Rockhopper has arrived with his ship, the Migrator, at the Beach. You can board and explore the Migrator by clicking on the Beach on your Club Penguin Map and waddling over to the entrance.


Upon entering the ship, the jolly Rockhopper will welcome you aboard. He speaks of the Dog and Cat Puffles that are to be introduced to the Club Penguin Island next week at the Puffle Party 2014.


Waddle down into the two wooden doors marked ‘Store’ and you will find an area named ‘Pirate Treasure. If you waddle over to it, you will find a whole selection of items that you can buy and add to your penguin inventory so as to create the ultimate penguin pirate ensemble! 😀


Click ‘Collect’ to add the Pufflescape Ball Cap to your inventory. Remember, all other items featured in the catalog are for Club Penguin Members only. Unfortunately, there are no hidden items in this catalog, but it is still pretty neat in my opinion!

Let’s go into the ‘Captain’s Quarters’ where the game of Treasure Hunt can be found. Instructions can be found on the ‘How to Play Treasure Hunt’ poster. You can click the Notice Board to hear of all the latest adventures that Rockhopper has been on lately, and what may be coming to the island soon!


How are you enjoying going onto the Migrator and exploring all of Rockhopper’s treasures? I really enjoy Rockhopper’s visits, as the Treasure Hunt game is really fun and earns you a lot of coins. Please do leave a comment about your thoughts in the comment section below, and I’ll reply to it as soon as possible.

Coollegoguy4 – Author and Administrator on Club Penguin Reveals.




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