Club Penguin – Puffle Party 2014 Sneak Peek Video

The Puffle Party is set to commence in approximately two full days; therefore starting on Thursday April 17th 2014. As the Puffle Party is just around the corner, the official Club Penguin team have uploaded and put-together an official Puffle Party 2014 Sneak Peek video (which runs for about a minute and a half). Without further ado, here’s the sneak peek video:

Isn’t this sneak peek awesome? It truly brings back memories from previous Puffle Party sneak peek videos, don’t you think? Incase you didn’t catch it, here’s a rough outline or summary of the  – Polo Field is in search for his new Cat Puffle, Chedda. Polo Field visits the new Puffle Zoo in hope to find him, but no – he’s no where to be found! Polo Field then asks his colleagues (Megg and Ninja) to help him search for Chedda. Megg suggests that they should visit ‘Cat Lady’, but again there’s no hope and Chedda is no where to be found. Whilst Chedda is running away into the wilderness of the Puffle Party, Polo Field, Megg and Ninja continue to trace Chedda’s steps but are not succeeding. Finally, Polo Field visits the Puffle Hotel with doubt that Chedda is inside, but out of luck finds him once and for all!

Throughout this sneak peek video, Polo Field, Megg and Ninja visited many decorated rooms in which will be active during the actual Puffle Party 2014, itself. Here are some of the rooms featured within this sneak peek video:

The Forest

The Forest

The Snow Forts

The Snow Forts

The Stadium

The Stadium

The Plaza

The Plaza

Incase you didn’t know, both a Cat Puffle and a Dog Puffle will be arriving to the island this month! Are you excited for the commence of this year’s Puffle Party? Let me hear your thoughts on this by commenting below this post.

Waddle on,



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