Club Penguin – The Puffle Park – Puffle Party 2014

Along with the new Puffle Party 2014, a new room called the Puffle Park has been added to the island. Do acknowledge the fact that this room will most probably only be present during the duration of the Puffle Party 2014. On the Club Penguin Map, the Puffle Park is allocated behind the Plaza and to the right of the Club Penguin Stadium. The Puffle Park can be accessed via the Club Penguin Pet Shop. In the Puffle Park, your puffles are able to run around, climb on apparatus, get washed and just have fun in general. Everything is free – and as an advantage, your puffle’s health levels will go up the more you play with it!

The Puffle Park

The Puffle Park

It looks fantastic, doesn’t it? Along with the Puffle Park are many more decorated rooms too! What is your favourite feature/ activity to do with your puffle in this Puffle Park? Let me know, by commenting below this post!

Waddle on,



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