TrollCP – Over and Out

Hello Penguins!

As many of you might have already judged from the title, I’m leaving Club Penguin Reveals. This is a decision that I never really wanted to make, but I had to.

I’m in middle of some of the most crucial years of my life, and I definitely don’t want to mess them up. My grades have gone down recently, and I personally feel like I should be concentrating more on my studies, rather than Club Penguin blogging.

I’m not leaving the Club Penguin community completely, just that I won’t be blogging for some blogs anymore, just to make sure I have some more time for myself and my studies.

I had an amazing time working for Club Penguin Reveals, and I personally had the best experience working for a blog ever. I learnt so many new things, working alongside with Mrzero3, Superpen, etc.

Club Penguin Reveals was the first blog that I ever joined, and I cannot even believe I got so popular because of it. I never really thought I would quit Club Penguin Reveals, but unfortunately, I have to.

Club Penguin Reveals is an amazing blog, and I’m pretty sure it will continue to stay awesome without me.

I’ll surely be around Club Penguin Reveals, maybe commenting or doing some behind the scenes stuff.

Thanks for everything. It is all of you, that have helped me explore myself.

For one last time,

Over and out,


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