Club Penguin Orange Slice Pin Guide June 2014

It’s Thursday the 12th of June meaning that it’s weekly update day for Club Penguin. As there are new updates, and since it’s already been two weeks since the last pin was released; the team have released yet another hidden collectable pin for all penguins to pick-up and jazzup their playercards. Follow this guide in order to pick it up:

1. Log into Club Penguin and pick any server.

2. Waddle/ teleport to the Hidden Lake room, then waddle up to the Orange Slice pin.

3. A message will appear onto your screen asking whether you would like to obtain it or not. Simply click ‘yes’.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 3.12.43 PM

What do you think? Have you already collected the new hidden collectable pin? Tell me your thoughts related to this post and the pin, by leaving a comment below this post. Waddle on and have a great day,


Video coming soon!


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