Club Penguin – Aunt Arctic Meet-Up Times (Penguin Cup 2014)

Incase you didn’t already know, Aunt Arctic will be waddling around the island of Club Penguin for the duration of the current Penguin Cup party! For your information, Aunt Arctic is Club Penguin’s newspaper editor, reporter and writer. She wears a pink toque item, loves her puffles and always has glasses on. With the times allocated below, you’re able to locate Aunt Arctic; therefore being able to collect her signature background and potentially add her to your friends list!

Note: Use the Club Penguin Reveals Aunt Arctic Tracker 2014 to track her, live, too!


Saturday, June 21
1:00 PM on server Frosty (EN)
3:00 PM on server Mittens (EN)
6:00 PM on server Rainbow (EN)

Sunday, June 22
8:30 AM on server Jack Frost (EN)
9:00 AM on server Boreal (PT)
11:00 AM on server Wool Socks (EN)
11:00 AM on server Ventilador (PT)
3:00 PM on server Iceland (EN)
6:00 PM on server Jack Frost (EN)

Monday, June 23
1:00 AM on server Айсберг (RU)
7:00 AM on server Аврора (RU)
7:15 AM on server Deu Branco (PT)
8:30 AM on server Yeti (FR)
11:00 AM on server Rainbow (EN)
3:00 PM on server Chinook  (EN)
7:00 PM on server Sled (EN)

Tuesday, June 24
8:00 AM on server Варежки (RU)
8:30 AM on server Jack Frost (EN)
8:30 AM on server Yeti (FR)
10:30 AM on server Cristal de Gelo (PT)
10:30 AM on server Handschuhe (DE)
11:00 AM on server Rainbow (EN)
1:00 PM on server Frape (PT)

Wednesday, June 25
6:00 AM on server Хоккей (RU)
6:25 AM on server Cordilhiera (PT)
7:30 AM on server Jour de Neige (FR)

Thursday, June 26
5:30 AM on server Аврора (RU)
5:45 AM on server Floco de Neve (PT)
8:30 AM on server Yeti (FR)
10:30 AM on server Handschuhe (DE)
2:30 PM on server Mamute (PT)

Friday, June 27
1:00 AM on server Северный олень (RU)
5:30 AM on server Ventilador (PT)
6:00 AM on server Аврора (RU)
10:30 AM on server Handschuhe (DE)
1:30 PM on server Meias de La (PT)

Sunday, June 29
9:00 AM on server Frape (PT)
10:00 AM on server Picole (PT)
11:00 AM on server Inverno (PT)

Monday, June 30
1:00 AM on server Ледниковый период (RU)
8:00 AM on server Аврора (RU)
9:30 AM on server Pizza Adria (PT)
10:30 AM on server Handschuhe (DE)
12:30 PM on server Ventania (PT)

Tuesday, July 1
4:00 AM on server Буран (RU)
10:30 AM on server Torta de Atum (PT)
12:45 PM on server Tundra (PT)

Wednesday, July 2
1:00 AM on server Дед Мороз (RU)
6:00 AM on server Аврора (RU)
10:30 AM on server Handschuhe (DE)

Thank you to Monchocho for all of the times allocated above. For more times, email Club Penguin Support and visit the Club Penguin Blog! All of the times allocated above are in Penguin Standard Time (PST). For those who are wondering, PST is equivalent to Pacific Standard Time, too. If you’re ever confused about the times allocated above, head on down to the Snow Forts on Club Penguin and look at the big clock featured in the room!

Waddle on,




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