Club Penguin Times Issue #453 – Penguin Cup Finals!

Club Penguin have released the 453rd issue of the Club Penguin Times. A new issue comes out every week on Thursday, it includes comics, events, etc. The first ever issue was published during 2005, the year in which Club Penguin was born. You can view some old issues in the Boiler Room, from your EPF Spy Phone, or from the right speaker inside the Dance Club. Let’s check out the 453rd issue of the Club Penguin Times, shall we?

The first article is titled ” Penguin Cup Finals! ”. The first article is written by Aunt Arctic. The article related about the Penguin Cup. It says there that every team is giving their all, but who’ll win it?. Your last day to score goals for your team will be on Saturday, June 28. The winner will be announced on Sunday, June 29. If you wish to read more, click ” Big Finish! ”



The second article is titled ” Penguin Cup After Party! ”. This article also is related to the Penguin Cup. Cadence is planning a party for all of the four teams, Sharks, Hot Sauce, Space Squids, and Fluffies. Will you be able to make it to the party?


And now we come to the Upcoming Events. The Upcoming Events provides you with the list of events which will arrive soon to the island. The Upcoming Events are listed below:


  • June 28: Penguin Cup – Last day to score goals for your team!
  • July 3: Penguin Style – Unleash your inner artist… or shark!
  • July 10: Igloo and Furniture Cataog – cozy, modern or rock ‘n roll?
  • Next pin hidden: July 10 – 22.

Have you ever wanted to know a secret of Club Penguin? Head to the second page, and click ” Secrets ”. This week’s secrets is about  ” Team HQ Secrets ”, written by Dot, the Disguise Gal. A secret comes up every week.


The Club Penguin Times first issue was posted back in 2005, which issue did you like the best? Are you enjoying the Penguin Cup? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


Club Penguin Reveals Author



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