Club Penguin – Sharks Win the Penguin Cup 2014!

Today the winner of the Penguin Cup 2014 (which was the first ever Penguin Cup, too) was revealed. Furthermore, the Sharks (Team Blue) have won and that too by a massive margin. The Sharks had been leading this championship ever since day #1, so this was pretty expected, to be honest. Follow the short and concise tutorial below in order to obtain the ‘Sharks’ Penguin Cup trophy:

When you login on to Club Penguin today, a message by Aunt Arctic will pop up. It will look like this:

When you click on the Collect button, it will add the “2014 Penguin Cup Blue” item to your inventory. Isn’t it awesome? You can wear it as a hand item and body item, too, the design is so cool!

Which team were you supporting in the Penguin Cup? Were you supporting the Sharks? Or were you with the Hot Sauce, etc? Leave your comments to speak how excited you were!

Waddle On!




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