Club Penguin Blog Post – Chattabox “Chat-Walk” Party

Chattabox, an official Australian Club Penguin blogger, is yet again hosting another party on Club Penguin! This week, however, her party is all about finding out what your favourite Club Penguin outfit or item is in theme for the upcoming release of the July 2014 Penguin Style catalogue. This party is for anyone to attend. Below is the original blog post, initially posted by Chattabox on the Club Penguin Blog. In addition, the below information includes the date, time, room and server for this party:

“G’Day Penguins,

CONGRATULATIONS to The Sharks for winning the Penguin Cup! It was such a great party, don’t you agree? I had so much fun playing the soccer mini-game with some of you and collecting all the Penguin Cup items – so awesome!  Check out the picture of me and Squiblet going head to head!
Now, one of my absolute favourite things about Club Penguin is the clothes! There are so many items to chose from and its a great way of showing off your personality! So this week I would LOVE to see what your favourite Club Penguin outfit is… Don’t worry if you can’t decide on one, you can always change during the party! I’m going to transform my igloo in to a Chattabox fashion catwalk show and I’m inviting you to come and walk down the “ChAT-Walk”. Don’t forget to bring all your Club Penguin fashion faves and get ready to WOW the crowd.

Let’s meet in the Forest on the Down Under server on Thursday 3rd July. Here are the times:

 * 4pm East Australian Standard Time 

 * 6pm New Zealand Standard Time

 * 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 2nd July for everyone over in the US and Canada 

 * 7am on Thursday 3rd July for my pals in the UK.

Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team”

That’s awesome! I’ll be there – and I hope you’re able to come too! Let the Club Penguin Reveals team know if you’re coming or not, by dropping us a comment below!

Waddle on,



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