Club Penguin : Mod Monday – July 7th 2014

This week’s ‘Mod Monday’ details have been posted on the official Club Penguin Blog by Megg. She explains that this week’s ‘Mod Monday’ theme is water, and that all penguins in which want to attend must dress-up in anything related to water. Here’s the blog post:

“Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The theme for this Mod Monday is… water! So dress up in anything related to water – I’ll probably go as a lobster 🙂

We’ll meet at the Cove at 1:30 Penguin Standard Time. Here are the servers:

See you soon!

-Club Penguin Team”

Incase the details didn’t show for you, all penguins are able to meet ‘Mars Hawk’ on the server Oyster, Glitter Roll and Rock Opera on the server Half Pipe and Light Petal, Lemonylimepi and Grand Stand on the server Big Surf! The event starts at 1:30pm PST, today!

That’s all for now,



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