Club Penguin – August 2014 Party Confirmed!

Polo Field has confirmed that the August 2014 party is going to be a summer party with a twist! In case you’re wondering, Polo Field confirmed all of this on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.39.00 PM

In case you can’t read Polo Field’s tweet, it reads as follows:

“I hear there’s a summer party coming in August… with a twist!” 

I wonder what Polo Field means by “with a twist!”… don’t you? I’m pretty convinced that this summer party will perhaps include both summery and wintery aspects (therefore creating a bit of a twist on a summer party?)..? But.. who knows?! I’m really glad Club Penguin are having a summery themed party this summer, as the last time Club Penguin did one was in 2007!

The Town during the Summer-Kickoff Party in 2007

The Town during the Summer-Kickoff Party in 2007

To read more about the 2007 Summer-Kickoff party, click ‘here‘. Let the Club Penguin Reveals team hear your thoughts, comments and opinions on this, by dropping us a comment below this post. I honestly am crossing my fingers in hope that this party is incredibly similar to the one in 2007… aren’t you?

COMMENT QUESTION: What do you think the “twist” Polo Field is talking about is?

Waddle on,



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