Club Penguin Furniture Catalog – July 2014

Club Penguin has released yet another Furniture Catalog, to decorate our igloo with, and this issue is dated for July 2014. This month, the catalog is full of Summer items, as well as items to prepare our igloos for the long-awaited Music Jam 2014!

Furniture Catalog July 2014

July 2014 first page secrets

There are two secrets to unravel on the first two pages. Click the bookshelf for the ‘Funky Bookshelf’ and then click the green chair on the right for the ‘Scoop Chair’.

Scoop chair

Funky Bookshelf

Let’s move onto the rest of the catalog. You can buy the Tour Bus Igloo for 1800 coins, and you’ll be added to the ‘Tour Bus Igloo List’ during the Music Jam 2014 in doing so.

Tour Bus Igloo

July 2014 furniture 1

July 2014 furniture 2

July 2014 furniture 3

July 2014 furniture 4

July 2014 furniture 5

July 2014 furniture 6

Click the ‘Electric Keyboard’ and you will find the ‘Conga Drum’. Click the ‘Guitar Stand’ and you will find the ‘Busking Case’.

Conga drum

Busking case

July 2014 furniture 7

This month’s furniture catalog is really appealing! I’ve already bought many of the kitchen items, as well as the patio furniture! Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.




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