Club Penguin removes DJ3K + Club Penguin’s SoundStudio makes its debut

Club Penguin have now removed the beloved DJ3K game found in the Dance Club on Club Penguin.

recording DJ3K

Fortunately, a new game – named SoundStudio – has made its way to the Dance Club.


If you’d like to play the game, click on the console in the center of your screen. Now click ‘Yes’, on the blue screen that appears.

SoundStudio welcome screen

SoundStudio is a very simple game to master, as some say it’s not even a game! Click ‘Make Music’, and you’ll find yourself on a screen, featuring many panels. Click any of the panels in the center of your screen, and you’ll find that your audio system will start to play sound effects! Eventually, by clicking enough buttons, your creation will start to sound like a song

SoundStudio let's play


There are 4 different styles of music to choose from, and all of these can be accessed by clicking on the buttons on the left side of your screen. By doing so, the panels in the center of the screen will be changed to match the style of music you have selected.

SoundStudio what type of music

If you wish to record your music, click ‘Record’ at the top, and click ‘Stop’ when you’d like to stop recording your music. You need to be a Member to do this!



You’ll be given a maximum time of 3 minutes to record your song!

SoundStudio timer

Once you’ve recorded your song, name it and click ‘Save’ if you wish to save it.

SoundStudio saving

You’ll be shown the track you’ve just saved, along with any others you’ve previously saved. Click the button next to your song title to share it with other penguins in the Dance Club, and click it again to stop sharing it. The amount of likes, just like igloo likes, will be displayed under your song title.

Saved tracks

That’s it! What do you think of SoundStudio, and is better than DJ3K? You tell me – just leave a comment in the area below, and I’ll be sure to reply to you! I liked DJ3K, but SoundStudio offers a wider range of sound effects – so I like SoundStudio better.








What do you think?

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