Club Penguin – Penguin of the Week – Jd Ryan

Yesterday, as it was Friday, Daffodaily5 posted this week’s POTW (Penguin of the Week) on to the Club Penguin blog. The Penguin of the Week is Jd Ryan!

Daffodaily5 said,


You should know what time it is by now! It’s Friday, which means we sometimes have cakes in the UK office… :p Oh and also it means we have a new Penguin of the Week! Congrats to Jd Ryan! He’s been an avid player since 2006, he’s a great game expert and loves to help out the community with his extensive knowledge. Also, how can I forget to mention how kind and polite he is! Ace 🙂

POTW winners receive 10,000 coins along with the AWESOME Penguin of the Week Background! If you know any friends of yours that deserve their place as POTW, then comment below with your nominations!


-Club Penguin Team

On behalf of Club Penguin Reveals, we would like to congratulate Jd Ryan on becoming the Penguin of the Week, this week. Please be sure to put a comment below! If you ever want to nominate a penguin for POTW, simply email Club Penguin.

Waddle On!



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