Club Penguin – Question of the Day – Ice Berg Tipping

Hello penguins! I’m hear today to introduce something new to the Club Penguin Reveals community. This new ‘something’ will be used to bring Club Penguin thoughts, discussions and questions together. Furthermore, I’m going to be introducing ‘Question of the Day’ to Club Penguin Reveals. Everyday, from now on, I am going to be posting a question (related to Club Penguin). It’s your job to read the question, and leave your thoughts/ answers to the question in the post. All of the questions in which will be asked will have no ‘found’ answer… that’s the fun of trying to come-up with a theory. Without further ado, here’s today’s ‘question’:

How do you think the Ice Berg can be tipped?

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.58.08 AM


Comment below with your answer to the above question! Let’s get this discussion started!

Waddle on,



6 thoughts on “Club Penguin – Question of the Day – Ice Berg Tipping

  1. Everyone thinks the secret is to have everyone drill on the Iceberg.That may be the case.My thoughts are that I think you have to completely fill up the room to where no one else can enter,have every single penguin wear a mining hat,start drilling,and wait for a while.I think that is how you tip the Iceberg.Still a major mystery to me as to what you get if you tip it. (if you even get a prize,which you should)


  2. Make the iceberg completely full of fire ninjas. A full room, nobody can get in. Everyone who is in the room is a fire ninja. All of the fire ninjas dance at once, turning the skies red and initiating global warming, focused on one edge of the iceberg. Next thing ya know, the ice berg melts and tips over due to poor weight distribution! 😛


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