Club Penguin – New Sled Racer App Coming to iOS

Today, on the Club Penguin Blog, Megg has announced Club Penguin’s latest iOS App – Sled Racer!


Exciting news!

The team is working on creating a new mini-game app for iOS devices. The best part? It’s a free download! We’ll soon be releasing an exciting and insanely epic Sled Racer app! Can you tell that I’m stoked?

Like the mini game on web, you’ll be racing down high speed sled runs. But this time, the aim is to see how far you can go! A new fast-paced challenge? Holla!

Here’s a screenshot from when I was testing out the game:


Are you as excited as I am?! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Waddle On,

-Club Penguin Team

I’m really excited about this app! Do you have any thoughts or ideas regarding this? Comment them below! 🙂

Keep waddling!
-Ppppookie, Editor


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