Club Penguin – EXCLUSIVE New Herbert Theory

I have come up with a new theory on how the Frozen Party will take place and what Herbert is up to, let’s start with the homepage. If you go to the homepage and look near the Ski Hill where a cave is you’ll see two figures, Herbert & Sasquatch, and in addition to this you’ll see a lightning bolt like shape (See below for picture of the lightning bolt.) and if you recall from the Operation Blackout Operation the machine Herbert used was spouting some kind of lightning bolt type shape into the sky therefore Herbert may have gone back to his old Operation Blackout base and is reverse engineering his machine (The solar laser) to heat up the island! More proof of this exists in the playercard of Herbert if you see his mascot playercard has changed back to his Operation Blackout one. So in conclusion I believe Herbert’s plan is to heat up the island, but backfires when the penguins of Arrendale show up, including Elsa and Anna.

Picture Evidence:

 So what do you think of this theory? Do you think it could be right? Let us know in the comments below!



One thought on “Club Penguin – EXCLUSIVE New Herbert Theory

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