Club Penguin Theory: Gary is Sensei’s Younger Brother?

Recently, in the Club Penguin Times (the weekly Club Penguin newspaper that updates every Thursday), Sensei revealed that he has a brother. 


This is a screenshot of evidence (from a Club Penguin Times Issue)

While his brother hasn’t been revealed, I think I may have an idea/ theory that Gary is indeed Sensei’s brother. First of all, who are the smartest penguins in Club Penguin? Well obviously, the Inventor Gary, and the wise old Sensei. Furthermore we know that Gary’s great uncle, Gariwald died, likely of old age as his ghost seems to be very old. Think of this and form a picture in your head – Sensei is very old, so imagine how old his great uncle would be, old enough to pass away a while ago likely, making him a prime suspect to be Gary’s big brother. Also, Gariwald’s aged penguin has similar elderly hair, and eyebrows that resemble Sensei’s, check out these backgrounds and you’ll see:


Look at Sensei’s eyebrows


Look at Gariwald’s eyebrows

After all of this time – could Gary be Sensei’s little brother- meaning that Gariwald was somewhat related to the two of them? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.



What do you think?

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