Club Penguin: Desktop’s Dilemma Discussion

As many of you are aware, Club Penguin has Filters that help block dirty words in any way, shape or form, from being used. Although, I think it’s filters are getting a little excessive. Sometimes, they make sense, for example you can’t say numbers like “One”  “Two”, and “Three” (To prevent personal information from being exposed). However, I’ve found that sometimes the filters can be too strict and hard to communicate. For example, once I was talking to my friend about a previous Music Jam, and it’s items. I talked for about a minute when my friend responded, “Dude, are you there?” To which I responded “Of course why wouldn’t I be?”. He then responded, “you haven’t said anything”. This is how I found out about how annoying the Club Penguin filters can be.  I personally had a possible solution called Super Free Chat. It would work by penguins who select it (Mostly 12+) would be able to see what other penguins say, no matter what they say, unless a curse word directly, in which case the penguin saying it would be banned. Are the filters necessary, or just a bunch of Grub? Do you like the idea of Super Free Chat? Don’t hesitate, speak your mind in the comments!


~ Desktop 


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