Club Penguin – EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming ‘Back To School’ Party (September 2014)

A penguin named Pen50gi has come across some Club Penguin files that may be related to an upcoming party. Not just any party, one that’s school related. This does make sense since most children, teenagers and Club Penguin players will be heading back to school this September – making it a perfect time for Club Penguin to host this ‘Back To School’ event. We are still unaware of whether this party will happen or not, and whether it will be a mini-party (ex: Pizza Party at the Cove in 2013) or a major party (ex: Frozen party of August 2014). I somewhat doubt that this ‘Back To School’ event will takeover the island (making it a major party) since Polo Field told me that September’s main party is all about giving back to less-fortunate children around the world. (Click ‘here‘ to view my interview with Polo Field). If this party does indeed come to the island, there will be a new skatepark room with rails, ramps and more. I most presume that this party will take place at the School only (and of course the new skatepark), but I could be wrong. Nonetheless, here’s the evidence Pen50gi has provided me with, hinting this party:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.58.12 PM


As you can see, some text clearly reads “BackToSchool”, therefore hinting this party. It also looks as if players will be able to throw paint snowballs, enjoy new music and party! Perhaps penguins will be able to obtain a new background, too. In addition, it seems as if this party is scheduled to commence on the 17th of September 2014, according to the blue text located above:

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 12.09.37 AM

The ’14’ most probably represents ‘2014’, the ’09’ most probably represents ‘September’ (September is the 9th month of the year) and the ’17’ most probably represents the day in which the party will commence. According to the text located above, my hypothesis is that this will only be a mini-party similar to the pizza party that took place at the Cove in 2013. However, I could be wrong. Finally, Pen50gi also located some text dialogues in which will be active during this event:

The school is a TOTAL mess!

Tidy it up and you’ll earn prizes!

Whew! One room down.

Grab a skateboard and helmet to pull crazy tricks on rails and ramps!

Members can get skateboards here to do tricks.

Heya! Tap the backpack icon to collect prizes.

You earned ‘em, bud!WOW!

Amazing trick. You’re gonna be a pro!

Dodgeball time! Ready, set, throw!

Oops! These things shouldn’t be here! Please pick ‘em up to keep me out of detention!

Pick up your backpack and fill it with school supplies

Clean up at the Pizza Shop

Clean up the Skate Park

To me it seems as if this party is solely related to cleaning up the school, collecting prizes, skating and dodging detentions. This party does indeed seem incredibly interesting, and I will be sure to keep you guys updated on more party details. What do you think?

NOTE: Special thanks to CPCC for the information!

Waddle on,



2 thoughts on “Club Penguin – EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming ‘Back To School’ Party (September 2014)

  1. I really hope this isn’t a party, but I think it will be, because whenever there’s a party there is an icon you click for items, like for example the frozen party has a snowflake icon and it says tap the backpack icon for prizes in the quotes. Also, we may donate coins for kids who don’t have school’s supplies.It’s just a guess.


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