Club Penguin: Another Fake Mascot (Cadence)?

This is most likely penguins using the name glitch in which was discovered a couple of months ago. The name glitch basically allowed penguins to use a special keyboard language when creating their penguin, which let them have any username, even it had already been created.

Recently, I posted about a strange Rookie liking my buddy’s igloo

Barry87's Igloo

Barry87’s Igloo

Although, when came back to Sleet I saw something even stranger, Cadence:



What’s odd is I added her (as seen in the photo), yet when I check my buddy list, I only see Cadence in mascot form. This is getting weirder, and weirder. What’s going on? Let me know what you think in the comments.


I saw her again and this time she talked to me, haha:


I couldn’t resist, xD





11 thoughts on “Club Penguin: Another Fake Mascot (Cadence)?

  1. I think I know what’s going on.

    While I think the fake Rookie was a Penguin troll, I think the fake Cadence penguin is simply a glitch. Had you clicked on Cadence’s Player Card before you noticed them?

    There’s a glitch that, for a while after clicking on a mascot’s player card, causes the mascot’s name (“Cadence,” for instance) to appear on all Player Cards, at least for a set amount of time.

    I might be wrong, but I think that’s what’s happening here.


  2. There was an exploit in the register which let any user choose any name they wanted. They have patched this, however the account hasn’t been removed.


  3. Hey Desktop,

    I get the problem here. There was a bug in the account creation system earlier into last month where penguins could use fake russian letters off the internet and replace them with one of the real ones to ‘fake’ being someone who they’re not.

    The “n” in Cadence’s name is fake as the right part of it is slightly tilted down and not exactly the same size as the letters from the English keyboard in the lowercase form.

    The “o” after the first one in Rookie’s name is also ‘fake’ because the size is slightly shorter then the one used before it. If it was real then both of the same letters would be the same size.

    If you take a closer look into this by zooming in to both images then I’m pretty sure you will find the same thing. 🙂

    I hope I was able to help you!

    ~ Cozy Polo


  4. Thank you for your comment. I highly suggest that you’re correct, as I spot the letter differences. Plus, a couple of months ago penguins used critic letters to make their accounts, allowing them to create ‘fake’ version of that penguin. 😉


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