Club Penguin : Breaking our old memories?

Greetings one and all, how is everything going? I have perceived  from many penguins on the island that they are really like the brand new party ‘School and Skate’ and I also think it is flawless, but the pensive thing is here, I have over heard this rumor that the ‘Puffle berry Mall’ has overtook the stage and the stage has been demolished.

I really don’t know if the rumor is accurate, but if it is, It isn’t a good one. According to my way of seeing it is that our community is changing and new penguins are coming day by day and they would be very happy if the stage has been replaced by the mall because they don’t have any reminiscence with it.

The penguins who have been playing Club Penguin from really early, they have so many memories with the stage that has always been in the plaza since 2007. If it demolished, we will always miss it from the core of our heart.


Waddle On!



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