Serena16689 – Penguin of the Week


It’s Friday, and that doesn’t only mean we can shout the phrase ‘Thank goodness it’s Friday’, but it also means that a new Penguin of the Week has been posted on the Club Penguin blog, by Daffodaily5 – Club Penguin’s British moderator!


Serena16689 has been a super active player for a couple of years now. She’s sooo busy when she’s online, she’s rarely seen just sitting around doing nothing. If she’s not in the Pet Shop adopting a new puffle, she’s playing games with her pals, helping new players around the island or checking out the latest Penguin Style catalogue in the Clothes Shop. She’s a dedicated fan, a great buddy and a super stylish penguin about town! That’s why she’s the Penguin of the Week! 🙂

10,000 coins and the POTW background goes to Serena16689! Does your buddy deserve to be Penguin of the Week? Leave me a comment and tell me why! 🙂


-Club Penguin Team

Congratulations, Serena16689! It must be great to become the ‘Penguin of the Week’, and I wouldn’t mind earning 10,000 coins and a background, either! I’m sure I’ll see you around the island.

Waddle on,



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