Club Penguin Blogging – How to be Successful

Hi there everyone. I am TrollCP, a passionate blogger. My friend, Mrzero3 has invited me over to write an exclusive post on Club Penguin Reveals. So, I picked the topic “Club Penguin Blogging – How to be Successful“.


I have been blogging about Club Penguin since January 2014, and I have already worked for a lot of people. The list goes on and on, but I’d like to mention a few, just so that you have a good idea of what I have been doing:

  • Mrzero3
  • Cena12121
  • Chrisdog93
  • Archiyoso
  • Coolpool79
  • Lucas806
  • Dr Flopper
  • JammerDj

Alright, so I get asked a lot — “Troll, how did you manage to get in touch with all these popular penguins” or “Troll, how do I write a successful blog application“. Well, if you are trying to find an answer to a similar question, then this is a post that you certainly do not want to miss! Continue reading, as I share the top tips and secrets of Club Penguin blogging.

So my journey began back in January, 2014 – not long ago. I have been playing Club Penguin for a very long time now — since early 2008. Although, I really wasn’t the best writer or graphic designer back then. I always wanted to have my very own Club Penguin fan blog, but I could never make one, and if I did, I couldn’t stick with it. The constant changing lasted until I met Catherine96. She was my best friend. She taught me all I know today. One day, she went offline and she never came back on. I kept searching for her, but she was gone, totally.

Then I said to myself – one day, everyone WILL know me. One day, I will PROVE I’m worth everything. I started applying to join every possible blog I could, but the answer was always no. Some even said that I was horrible, and I’ll just end up being one of those losers in life, and I’m not lying just in case you think I am. I want to help everyone by sharing what I did, and what is the best way of attaining success in Club Penguin blogging.

Let’s jump right into the topic!

So what I have observed is everyone wants to work for blogs with millions of views, to put it into simple language, everyone wants to be famous. Well, I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, everyone IS trying to be famous, no matter how much they deny the fact. But the point is – if you decide to apply to join a blog with 30 million views, with no prior experience at all, believe me, it is NOT happening. You need to realize that everyone starts small. Instead of applying to join the highest viewed blog, start with something not as popular, and which you have a sure shot at. Slowly and steadily, take a step further. Believe me, with all the mentoring you get from blog owners of different caliber, one day you will reach the peak of your Club Penguin blogging career – that’s when you can go ahead and apply to join a blog with millions of views. It will happen some day, believe me.

Also one thing that happens to a lot of people is they change. Not for the good, but for the worse. That has happened to me. At one point in my career, I started using curse words and started acting arrogant and rudely. Me and Mrzero3 got into a huge fight, that luckily has been left behind, but that day, I learnt one thing – you ain’t getting nowhere from fighting and trying to prove yourself right all the time.

Next up, I’m going to talk about creating a successful Club Penguin blog. From what I’ve seen, users mostly look at the design of their blog, which is NOT really important according to me. What really matters is your content. I know every other blogger says this, but I really do mean it. If you look at the top search engines, they rank your website on the basis of your content, and not design. Although, having a great design is good, but when you’re just starting up a new blog, focus on your content. I am sure your blog will keep improving with time.


That ends the first segment of this post. In the second segment of this post, I’m going to list some tips which will help you be a better and a successful blogger.

First of all, make sure you choose the right blogging platform. There are a lot of platforms out there, but the most used one’s are —, Blogger and Weebly. These are pretty easy to use, and will be just perfect to get you started, although each one of them have their own restrictions since they’re free. Although, if you think you can do with them forever, you can just upgrade. What most bloggers do is they continue using these free hosts until they get the hang of Club Penguin blogging and have earned a good name for themselves, and then they switch over to a self-hosted platform, such as Although, this will be much more expensive, since you will have to buy a domain and then pay for it yearly or monthly, depending on your plan. You will also need to pay for your hosting, but this is still far away, considering you just want to start.

First of all, never ever write a post for the sake of writing. Blogging involves a lot of writing, and definitely, if you are not a fan or writing, blogging is definitely not meant for you. I’m not being mean or anything, but blogging does involve a lot of writing.

Secondly, make sure you never, ever center your blog posts, or use bold. It might look neat, but it really is not going to help. Most users find it irritating, and on the technical end, it adversely affects your website ranking.

Make sure you put social medias like Google plus, Twitter and Facebook to good use. Instead of using them for nonsense, it would be way better if you advertise your website on there. By advertising, I do not mean “HARDCORE ADVERTISEMENT”. Maybe putting a link to your blog once or twice, or at maximum thrice a day would be cool, but make sure you do not spam your social medias with ads.

If you are going to use social medias, you might as well want to interact with the community. It is always cool to reply to what other people ask you, or even better, start a discussion yourself. Although, you need to keep in mind that most people in the Club Penguin community are 11-14 year old kids, and discussing extreme topics like religion, sexuality, alcohol, pornography, etc. is definitely not helping.

One thing I’ve seen is there are a lot of bullies out in the Club Penguin community, who will try to attack you at every possible opportunity they get. The best thing I could tell you to do is block such people and totally ignore them and not involving in to their business or anything that has to do with them.

As far as blogging goes, make sure you post on time. You already probably know, Club Penguin updates every Thursday, so you should try and get the posts done before Thursday night at the lastest, because if you post them very late, for example on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, etc. after the release, it won’t help your blog rankings. Try to post as quickly as you can, although, I am not forcing you to bunk your school, classes, etc. for the sake of posting. Post the updates whenever you have time.

Always center your images. That will make your posts look very, very neat.

Also, make sure your content is rather helpful than just being a 50 word long post. Include details, use sources such as Club Penguin Wiki to add strength to your post. The more powerful your posts are, the more successful you will be.

Another very helpful thing is categorizing and tagging all your posts. In the long run, this will prove very helpful. If a certain users only wants to read Club Penguin Pins posts, he can just look for that particular category, and it will save a lot of your time.

Make sure you NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER copy stuff from someone else’s blog. You might think you can easily get away with it, but… blog owners always realize when someone uses their content, and then you will end up in trouble. If you post other people’s content on your blog, what you are doing is “plagiarism” meaning, you claim someone else’s work as yours, which is illegal. Bloggers usually have a lot of tools and sources to find out who copies their content. If you ever want to refer to a site, you can always say that “Sources: [ENTER WEBSITE NAME HERE]” and provide a link back. Referring is totally fine, but copying is not.

Make sure you include as many pages as you can on your blog. The more helpful your pages and content is, the faster you will be successful.

If you manage to be successful enough, keep in mind that you never, ever target a person, because you never know when that person will turn out to be something even better than you. If there’s a person that you do not like, just ignore them, rather than creating a huge drama and disturbing everybody.

If you ever turn out to be successful, make sure you give others a chance, like my friend Mrzero3 gave me a chance to work on his blog. I was horrendous and could hardly write something correctly. But, he trained me well enough, and now I have worked with most of the popular Club Penguin users in the community. If it weren’t for him, I’d probably be still struggling around. So make sure you always train and help out someone, and you never know when someone will return the same favor to you.


In the last segment of this post, I’m going to talking about time management, maintaining contacts, getting in touch with people, and finally, how to write a successful blog application.

Time management – Blogging surely consumes a lot of your time, although, at the same time, you need to make sure you cope up with other important stuff in real life, such as studying, social life, family, friends, etc. You might ask me, “how do I manage so many things at a time?” Well, if you really think of it seriously, blogging isn’t very difficult, provided you manage your time well. So I’ve met people who can literally write a post in 2 minutes, and their posts are really, really impressive. You ask me how? Well, what they do is what we call “Drafting method“. What they do is they have a particular template for each sort of post, where they only need to edit certain words and insert images. Although, this isn’t the best trick, but will work out well if you want to save a lot of time. The second method is “Dividing the work” method. What some people often tend to do is hire authors, and then divide work among everyone equally, although this is not the best method either. What I do, and I’d recommend you to do is — you write a post as soon as you have some time. It takes me like 10 minutes to write a post, so once I have written that one post, I get back to my work. After an hour of finishing my work, I write two other posts, and then I am done. This means I do not do all my work at once, I usually just do it when I get time, but I finish off everything within 6 hours of Club Penguin’s update time. My timezone is a huge plus for me. You basically just have to work out how you can do your chores and manage your blog properly without having to waste a lot of time. Also keep in mind that you do not give up on sleep. Sleep is definitely very important.

Maintaining Contacts – When it comes to blogging, one of the most important thing is maintaining a strong contact with other fellow bloggers. This will help you out in the long run. Never, ever ignore anybody or try to not allow someone into your business. You never know who will turn out to be your best friend. Maintaining Contacts is also very healthy for your blog. Some way or the other, it will help you in getting more traffic. More over, it has a lot of benefits. If you manage to be good friends with someone better than you, it will eventually help you in improving and garnishing your skills.

Getting in Touch with People – Many ask me how I managed to get in touch with such popular penguins. The answer is simple, I kept asking them if I could talk to them. Many said no, but then I always somehow managed to convince them. Although, I never acted as a fan, or anything, but I just patiently kept emailing them, and every time they would reply back calmly. I slowly kept getting more and more personal, and then finally waited for the right opportunity, and asked them for their Skype account IDs. Skype is a great way to connect and talk to people. Although, if a person does not want to share their details with you, do not force them. That would make you look bad and would cause negativity to your reputation.

How to Write a Successful Blog Application – Once you’re eligible, and have enough of experience, you are pretty much ready to apply to join a blog. What most bloggers look for is a decent candidate with good grammar. They also look out on the person’s activity, and that’s the reason why I keep asking you to maintain a good reputation. You also need to be very honest while applying to join a blog, because if you are caught when you are hired, you are certain to end up in trouble. Make sure you provide the links to your best posts, just to be on the safe end and also mention all your prior experience.


One final thing I’d like to say is the amount of views that you get is really nothing. If you look at some of the most popular bloggers in the community today, take Cena12121 for an example – you need to realize that for the success he has earned, he has dedicated a long time, in fact 7 years of his life. Today what we see is a successful person, but neither of us see the amount of hard work put into achieving this success. If you quit, you will never succeed. All you need is determination and perseverance. Do not quit, no matter what and success is sure to come to you.

With that being said, I’d like to wish you luck! I hope you achieve everything you want to. If you ever need some help, you can always comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

If you enjoyed this post, I can assure you that you will enjoy my blog, Club Penguin Cheats Zone ( too. I work very hard to write some brilliant Club Penguin posts on my blog. My blog will provide you with the latest Club Penguin cheats, tips, guides, news, tips, etc. so make sure you check out my blog today! Your feedback is always appreciated and it IS what really matters to me. You can also follow me on Twitter if you’d like to. My Twitter is @TheRealTrollCP. For any assistance you may need, you can either leave a comment on my blog, or contact me via Skype (clubpdaily) or shoot an email to



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