Club Penguin – Let’s vamp it up for CP’s 9th Birthday!

If you’re an avid Club Penguin player, blogger, YouTuber or graphic designer… you’re probably already aware that Club Penguin is turning nine on October 24, 2014. I thought that we should start to get everyone pumped and vamped-up for Club Penguin’s upcoming birthday. After all, nine years of high success for businesses is a great deal.. especially for a virtual world like Club Penguin. So my goal is to trend a specific hashtag on Twitter by Club Penguin’s 9th birthday which commences on October the 24th. If you’re willing to help us get this hashtag trending worldwide for Club Penguin, simply click on the button below:

Tweet: Lets vamp it up for Club Penguin's 9th Birthday by trending the following hashtag: #HappyBirthdayCP via

So by tweeting the above by clicking the little button we are one step away from trending it for Club Penguin’s 9th Birthday! Thanks a lot for helping us… let’s get this big. Comment below if you’ve helped us by tweeting such. 🙂 We’d appreciate it if you did!

Click ‘here‘ to view CP’s 8th Birthday Celebrations!

So are you ready for Club Penguin’s 9th Birthday? Let us know in the comments below!

Ninjaoninja2, Club Penguin Reveals Author.


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