Club Penguin-National Bullying Prevention Month

Hello Penguins!

Penguin 43 Here!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! And Club Penguin are helping in a BIG way! Club Penguin are supporting PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to inspire, educate and involve everyone to join the movement and prevent bullying in their communities. Watch this Video to find out more:

And yes, you probably saw in that video that you can unlock a Virtual Orange T-Shirt and Red Megaphone for your penguin. And you don’t have to be a member. Just use the code 2BEHEARD to unlock a Virtual Orange T-Shirt and Red Megaphone for your penguin. If you don’t know how to unlock items with a code on Club Penguin, don’t worry because I’m about to show you how.

On Club Penguin’s homepage, scroll down until you see a button like this. Click on it.


Then, log in with the penguin that you wish to use the code on. Depending on whether “Remember Me” is selected or not on that penguin, you either click “Login as a different penguin” or click on the picture of that penguin and enter your password if “Remember Password” is not selected and click “Login”. If “Remember Password” is selected on that penguin then just click “Login”.


Then you will be given 2 options. “I’ve got a book” and “I’ve got a code”. Click “I’ve got a code”.


Then, in the blank white box type 2BEHEARD and click “Next”.


Now you have a Virtual Orange T-Shirt for that penguin, a Virtual Red Megaphone for that penguin and a 500 coin bonus to say “Thanks”. Click “Play Now” to continue to Club Penguin as normal. You will find 500 coins added to your account and 2 new items in your inventory. The Virtual Orange T-Shirt and the Virtual Red Megaphone.


And this isn’t just any code. For every megaphone and orange T-Shirt unlocked in game, Club Penguin will donate $1 USD, up to $50,000 USD to help support bullying prevention.

How awesome is that?

Use the code 2BEHEARD now and support bullying prevention.

Let us know in the comments below if you have used the code 2BEHEARD yet.

For more information about National Bullying Prevention Month, please visit!

And to find out more about how Club Penguin are helping are supporting and how you can help then visit Club Penguin’s Bullying Prevention Page!

On another note, all of us here at Club Penguin Reveals have decided to hold a Special Meet-Up on Club Penguin to support bullying prevention. We are organising it. Details will be announced soon.

Until Next Time…

Waddle On Penguins!

~Penguin 43

(Club Penguin Reveals Author)


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