Club Penguin Reveals – Pumpkin Carving Contest Announcement

Club Penguin Reveals is going to be hosting an incredibly engaging ‘Pumpkin Carving Contest’ this month as part of CPR’s Spooktober! As this post is just an announcement informing you on such, deadlines, dates and rules will be released on a date closer to Halloween – once you guys purchase your pumpkins!

What is this contest? How does it work?

Basically this contest allows you get creative and Halloween-ready! This contest involves you to head to your local supermarket and purchase a big ol’ pumpkin. Once you have bought the pumpkin, your job is to carve it! Once you have carved your pumpkin, you have to either email or tweet a picture of your amazing pumpkin to Mrzero3, CP Reveals or Buddyjosh10 using the hashtag #CPRevealsPumpkinContest. On the deadline date (the deadline is still to be announced) both Mrzero3 and I (Buddyjosh10) will review all carved pumpkins and pick a winner. The winner will most probably receive some sort of Club Penguin code in reward. The key to success in this contest is creativity. We want you to use your imagination to its fullest! Carve a penguin, perhaps?!

When will detail be announced?

Details regarding this contest will be announced soon. We want to give you time to purchase your pumpkins. Do note that another follow-up post will be released regarding this contest fairly soon! So be sure to stay tuned for further information!


We hope that you’re engaged and are willing to partake in such! As mentioned above multiple times, details regarding this contest will be announced soon! For more information regarding contests during CPR’s Spooktober – click ‘here‘.



What do you think?

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