It starts with you!

Greetings one and all, today, I am here to discuss a really important topic with ya’ll, the topic is ‘Online safety’, as you all know Club Penguin provides ‘online safety’ really a lot! they are always talking about slogans like ‘It starts with you’ and yesterday ‘Daffodaily5’ also handled a campaign on it the day before.

We all do talk about it and Club Penguin has taken so many steps to promote it, but have we ever thought of it? do we ever realize about what we share on the online world? many of you may know that ‘Internet’ is a fun and dangerous place as well, and for kids like us, it turns more into an harrowing dragon.

There are so many people on the net who are hackers, doxers, password finders and many stalkers, which are like demons who have taken over a place where they find the most kids. For the Club Penguin players who have twitter, beware, there are many hackers and stalker there. It really isn’t a safe place for anyone.

All we have to do is promote online safety by not telling and letting anybody know your private information, even your twitter DM’s can be hacked into and the private information can be completely leaked.

If you are supporting ‘Online safety’ then never do stuff that leaks any of your personal information!

And, in the end, I do salute Club Penguin for taking such step 🙂


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