Club Penguin : October 2014 Igloo and Furniture Catalog Cheats

Aloha everyone! how are you all? As you all know, how I admire Halloween and everything spooky, I was over excited to see the furniture catalog! and when I saw it, at first glance I fell in love with it! It is so harrowing, spine-chilling and amazing as well! So, without wasting any further ado, I’ll be showing you the ‘October 2014 Furniture and Igloo catalog’ cheats!


This is the new cover for the catalog.


Here is the first page and you will find the ultra spooky ‘Ghostly Cavern Igloo’


On the right next page, you’ll be finding two igloos that have made their places in the olden Halloween parties too.


This is the first page for all the Furniture which is all ready to spook up your igloo with ghostly stuff!


On the next page you’ll be finding the ‘pumpkins’ and the new moon.


And here we are with the ‘Testicles’ and the graves.

That was all for the catalog, now I’ll be showing you the two cheats which are hidden inside it:


Right on the page if you’ll click the Full moon, you’ll be able to opt the Dangy Spider


If you’ll click the Graveyard Gates, puffle head, you’ll be able to opt the Trick-or-Treat bowl, which will offer some tasty candies to your igloo guests


This was all for the Igloo and Furniture catalog cheats this month, there will be lots and lots of upcoming event in October, so, stay tuned to know more!



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