Club Penguin, Support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Hey there everyone,

Happyblue128 here with a one-off post for you all. I’m writing this post today to promote a campaign of mine; an online petition that is picking up speed, quickly. Let me explain more…

Club Penguin support a wide range of charities that all have different purposes. While looking through the list of charities that Club Penguin supports, I noticed that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) isn’t one of the charities that Club Penguin supports. As a result, I started an online petition asking Club Penguin to become ‘financial partners’ with WWF. To my disbelief, I found that this was a real concern for the Club Penguin Twitter Community and as of the petition reached 50 petitions in just over a week.

The petition now has over 75 signatures and Club Penguin’s Citizenship Team have made a statement (thanks to Club Penguin employee “Megg”). You can view their response by clicking here.


If you haven’t heard of WWF before then you’re probably wondering who they are, what they do and what all the fuss is about, aren’t you? Well, WWF is the biggest organisation that works purely to sustain the planet and allow humans to live in harmony with nature. They help as much as they can in a whole variety of countries (for a full list visit

How can this partnership with Club Penguin work, you say? Club Penguin can support WWF with their aim by educating kids online on how they can help the planet become more sustainable, for not only future generations but for their own generation. Also, Club Penguin has the capability to provide kids (and their parents) with facts on how their daily life affects the planets future and how they can change their lifestyle to benefit themselves and their world.

club penguin

If you would like to sign this petition, something I’m asking you all do, then please click here or go to the following link: Every signature counts and will support the overall decision that Club Penguin makes.

Thanks for your support!

P.S. Be sure to lie about your street address and postcode. For your street address put “Igloo Central”, your postcode as “Penguin123” and your city as “Club Penguin” – it doesn’t matter if you put your real address for no one can view the details. Thanks for supporting!


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