Club Penguin-Player Card Update

Hello Penguins!

Penguin 43 Here!

Earlier this week, Megg published a post on the Club Penguin Blog. In the post she was saying that on Thursday 16th October 2014, there will be an update to Player Cards. Megg explained that the with the update, items will be sorted by when they were obtained by that penguin. For example, the first item that you ever got when you joined Club Penguin would be at the bottom of the inventory and the item that you got most recently will be at the top of the inventory. This saves penguins having to scroll down for ages searching for an item that they just bought. If you haven’t seen Megg’s post, click HERE!

Anyway, the Player Card Update was released today and I logged onto Club Penguin to check it out for myself.

Club Penguin-Player Card Update (16.10.2014)

I have erased my coins and stamps from the Picture above. Coins and Stamps are still in the same place as before!

As you can see in the screenshot above, my inventory has got my most recently purchased items at the top. The Anniversary Balloons Pin was the most recent item that I obtained and as you can see, it is the first item in my inventory. As I scrolled down my inventory, I discovered that items were in the order that I obtained them with the first ever item that I obtained at the bottom of my inventory.

I really like this update, it is so easy to find the most recent item I’ve purchased and vice versa. What do you think of this Player Card Update? Let us know in the comments below!

Until Next Time…

Waddle On Penguins!

~Penguin 43

(Club Penguin Reveals Author)


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