Club Penguin: Halloween Party 2014

After an incredibly long and anticipated await, the annual Club Penguin Halloween Party has started. This year it’s back – better than ever! During this year’s Halloween Party, help Gary catch all of the ‘spooky’ ghost puffles around the island by visiting various Puffle Hotel floors and completing the quest, trick-or-treat with your buddies and have fun in general. So, without wasting any further ado, let’s get started with this year’s Halloween Party cheats:

  • When you log in for the first time, you will notice that the regular log-in screen is all covered with pumpkins:


  • After that you will find yourself at the Plaza. However, before you’re able to help Gary (and enjoy the party in general) – Gary has a set of messages for you to acknowledge:



  • Press ‘OK’ once you have read the two messages from Gary. Incase you’re unaware, for the duration of the Halloween Party a green puffle icon will be placed in the top right hand corner of your in-game screen. Penguins are able to click on it for information on how to solve quests, for free items and for guidance. If you’re familiar with previous Club Penguin parties, you’ll know this already.

Here’s how it looks like, from the inside

  • Give it a click. For those of you who are willing to get started on the quest – the next bits of information may appeal to you!
  • Click on the ‘Go There’ button allocated in your taskbook. You will be taken the the ‘basement’ where you’re able to complete the first sector of Gary’s quest

Click ‘go there’ and it will take you the elevator functioning room!

  • You have to click the first elevator, then the third one, therefore fixing the elevators once and for all. This is very important, since over thirteen new floors have been added to the Puffle Hotel (for the duration of this party) and these floors are necessary for the completion of this quest.




Congratulations. You have completed part 1 of the quest!

  • You’ll also be seeing a particular door boy (from the hotel) giving messages on the top of the screen, telling us about the Ghost Puffles. The door boy’s messages will appear all throughout the process of this quest.

The newly added ‘Puffle Hotel’ floors

  • For part two of the quest, use the elevator to visit the Lobby. (If you’re ever unsure of where to go, keep updated with Club Penguin Reveals and your taskbook).

A message from the door boy, introducing you to the second part of your quest


A message from the door boy, introducing you to the second part of your quest

  • Press ‘OK’ once you have read the door boy’s messages. Now, open up your taskbook to continue on with the second part of this quest.


  • Click on the ‘Go There’ button which can be found underneath the ‘fourth’ puffle graphic. You will be taken to the fourth floor of this hotel, where you’re able to complete the second part of the quest.

The hotel’s fourth floor


The hotel’s fourth floor + a message from the door boy

  • All you have to do here is throw snowballs at all the candles and the fire (do note that the fire is green in this room). Therefore meaning that you must throw 13 different snowballs in total. Here’s a tip: press the ‘T’ button on your keyboard whilst doing such to make this part less time consuming.

Once you have completed such, a message from the door boy will pop up

  • Congratulations. You are done with the quest for today. Don’t worry, this quest will continue all throughout this year’s Halloween Party… so be sure to log back into Club Penguin tomorrow to complete tomorrow’s parts of the quest.


That is all for this amazing party, but we are not finished yet! Let’s move on to some penguins’ reviews about this year’s party:

  • Review by Clumpyy: It’s great, best party of the year. There’s nothing wrong about it, every room is decorated, 9th anniversary party is great  and then there’s the awesome puffle hotel quest!
  • Matthew: My review about CP’s 9th anniversary: It’s great, and the new hat is awesome. 😀 #HappyBirthdayCP!
  • Ocean6100: Well, I think it’s perfect. The puzzles remind me a lot of older Club Penguin, and that’s just the thing we’ve been hoping for. There’s also a sinister aspect to it with the Ghost Puffles, and that’s also adds to the feeling of the party. 10/10 for me.

Those are some great reviews! I also think that the party is completely flawless in a spine-chilling way! Haha! 🙂

Spook On!


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