Club Penguin : Halloween Party Quest 3

Hello penguins! As you all are aware that Club Penguin’s Halloween party 2014 has taken over the island for now, and Club Penguin is asking us to solve mysterious quests everyday, so that we will be able to solve the nightmarish mystery of the puffle hotel! So, if you are eager to solve today’s task, follow my steps!

1) When you will log in to Club Penguin, make sure that you check the green puffle to know about today’s tasks!


Let’s start off with today’s first quest, click on ”Go There’ to begin!


When you will click ”go there”, it will drop you down in a room full of pumpkins! Now, you must be thinking ”how to solve this chuckle some but creepy quest?”  But, this quest is quite easy, all you have to do is to click those pumpkins and they will be squashed, there is no order to squash them, just keep clicking them and squash all of them!


Your first quest for today has been completed successfully! Now, let’s move to the second quest!

Click the green puffle and you will also be able to opt two things, the first thing is the witch hat! The witch hat is available for both members and non-members, but the second item is the ‘Ghost puffle costume’, and sadly, it is only available for the members!


Now, you can click ‘Go There’ to start the second quest!


In this quest, you will be dropped down in a maze and you have to make your way all over to that big red button!

Just follow the arrows and you will be able to accomplish this too!

Yipee! You have completed all the tasks for today! Come back tomorrow and solve more!

Waddle on!


6 thoughts on “Club Penguin : Halloween Party Quest 3

  1. I just wanted to say thanks so much for these guides! Although I’m over 2600 days old, I’ve not played CP since 2011 and it’s changed so much since I started in 2007! I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed at the EPF changes, I can’t seem to do missions anymore, which I really enjoyed. But anyway, thanks again


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