Club Penguin Times : 30-10-2014

Hello penguins! If you are an avid Club Penguin player then you must be knowing that ‘Club Penguin Times’ comes out every Thursday, and it so did today! Today’s Club Penguin Times is really informative! It tells about Halloween and also gives hints about the party coming this November! So, without wasting further ado, let’s start off with today’s updates!


In the starting, you’ll be able to see Gary talking about the Puffle Hotel and the ghostly activities that are going around in there.


Scrolling down a little bit, you will see a ‘Halloween’ post by Aunt Arctic! Yes, as you all might be aware that tomorrow is Halloween, Aunt Arctic wishes us a safe and happy Halloween!


Now this is the most interesting part of the CP Times, the upcoming events! And reading those made me really excited! There will be a new penguin style on the 6th of November and the clothes will be all ready to sail you off! On the November 13th, the Stage and the Furniture and Igloo Catalog will be updating! Keep an eye on that 🙂

That is all for the updates on the newspaper this week! Stay tuned to our blog to know more 🙂



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