EXCLUSIVE Monchocho Interview questions

Hey Penguins,
Monchocho has answered all the questions you and some of the team members provided him. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

DW47 asks: What is your favorite party of 2014 so far?

Monchocho’s answer: So far, my favorite party of 2014 has to be the Halloween Party! The Club Penguin Team did a great job with the quest ^.^

Moneymaker2314 asks: Anybody specifically that inspired you to blog and do you find it fun?

Monchocho’s answer: Yes, I find blogging extremely fun even though it can be challenging keeping up school and the blog as the same time. Lux1200 and Strawberry100 were my inspirations when I first started blogging. 🙂

DW47 asks: Are excited for the Pirate Party?

Monchocho’s answer: And yes! Of course I’m excited for the Pirate Party! Can’t wait for Rockhopper to come back!!

Mrzero3 asks: What are your top 3 people/penguins you have met in your “Club Penguin Career”

Monchocho’s answer: Top 3 I’ve met during my ‘career’: Lime12101, Purplegummy, Pen50gi

DW47 asks: Do you have sweg?

Monchocho’s answer: DUH! I always have SWEG 😀 I’m a SWEG-master lol.

Ninjaoninja2 asks: Have you ever visited any of the Club Penguin Offices?

Monchocho’s answer: I’ve never visited any of Club Penguin’s offices. I wish I could though…

So that’s all I have, but I really enjoyed taking the time to interview Monchocho, he’s really funny and nice. Do you like the interviews? Should we do more? Let us know in the comments below!

Ninjaoninja2, Club Penguin Reveals Author.


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