Club Penguin – Rockhopper Spotted in the Telescope

Rockhopper is going to be attending this year’s Pirate Party – and that’s official. Rockhopper’s ‘Migrator‘ has been spotted via. the telescope on top of the Beacon, on Club Penguin. This year’s Pirate Party commences on the third week of November – so I’m assuming that Rockhopper will be at sea (gradually getting closer to the island) for approximately two-three weeks.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 7.52.45 PM


Pretty exciting stuff, huh?! I’m super excited to see what Rockhopper has in store for us this year. Be sure to check back to Club Penguin Reveals weekly – for progress on Rockhopper’s voyage. Or – you can keep updated with his voyage by heading to the Beacon (on top of the Lighthouse) on Club Penguin and by looking through the telescope.

Waddle on,



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