Club Penguin-Who is the Mysterious Creature?

Hello Penguins!

Back in August 2014, a mysterious creature started walking around Club Penguin every now and then. The creature is very mysterious and has sparked many theories as to who it is. I’m typing this post today because it’s been 3 months since August 2014 and I think that we should review what we do and don’t know about this creature so far.

Mysterious Creature

What we know:

  • It’s current name on Club Penguin is “??????”

Mysterious Creature Player Card

  • This creature is often referred to as the Sasquatch.
  • This creature does not speak (either it can’t or it is scared)
  • It wears the Party Hat from 2005 which proves it is very old and has been hiding on Club Penguin for a while

Party Hat


  • It moves from room to room very quickly (possibly because it’s scared)
  • Whenever penguins get close to it, it runs away (possibly because it’s scared)
  • If penguins see this creature, they can add it to their friend list and get the mystery background

Mysterious Creature on Friend List


  • It may have been hiding in the cave that is visible from the Ski Hill as suggested in an old issue of the Club Penguin Times.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.33.20 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.41.22 AM

That’s what we DO know about this creature. But what DON’T we know about this creature? A lot!

There are many things that we don’t know about this creature. Is it Friendly? Is it Evil? Where did it come from? Why has it started roaming around Club Penguin now? And many more unanswered questions.

On Monday 17th November 2014, the creature made an appearance at Mod Meetup.

Here’s a Screenshot of the creature at Mod Meetup on Monday 17th November 2014:

Mod Meetup (17.11.2014)-Sasquatch


Just after I took this Screenshot, the creature let me stroke it. Then when loads of penguins approached it, it ran to the forest. And of course, was followed by the large group of penguins. So could it be crowds that the creature runs from and not just penguins? I followed the group of penguins into the forest to see how the creature responded to being followed.

In the forest, the creature seemed to be cornered in the small cave. And seemed very scared. Many penguins set traps, but some (including myself) were trying to communicate with the creature. Then the creature ran towards the Mine Shack.

At the Mine Shack, the creature walked around and then left completely.

Shortly after that, Mod Meetup ended.

Personally, I don’t think that penguins should do things that may frighten the creature. Maybe we are more likely to find out it’s identity if it trusts us more and is able to come closer to us. What do you guys think?

This creature is one of the greatest mysteries on Club Penguin. It is one of the Club Penguin Mysteries that has truly intrigued me.

Who is the Mysterious Creature

So, what do you guys think this creature is? Why do you think it has only just started roaming around Club Penguin? Do you think it is friendly? Do you think it is evil? What do you think it’s been doing all these years? Where do you think it’s been all these years? Give me your best theories by leaving a comment below.

Until Next Time…

Waddle On!

~Penguin 43

(Club Penguin Reveals Editor)


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