Club Penguin: Two Parties Same Mascot!

Being an avid Club Penguin player, you must be aware that the Holiday Party embarks off every December in the celebration of the most jolly festival of the year ‘Christmas’….. however, this year the annual and loved ‘Holiday Party’ title has been changed to the ‘Merry Walrus Party’. This year’s ‘Merry Walrus Party’ is based off of the same concept, but adds a bit more creativity and festiveness to the island, since it’s Club Penguin’s own, unique holiday. One positive about this party, is that it will appeal to more penguins across the world, perhaps ones that don’t celebrate Christmas. During the party loads of new characters will be present… potentially some new mascots will be introduced to the island too, like ‘Merry Walrus’ himself and others. For those of you who don’t know, December has always been a somewhat fun and jolly month on the island (annually) and the ‘fun’ partially comes out of the mascots presence. Be sure to continue reading, if you’re eager to find out what mascots will be attending this year’s ‘Merry Walrus Party’:

I collected points and made a logical concept of Rockhopper attending the ‘Merry Walrus Party’ too! Yes! As you all should know, the Pirate Party is currently going on in Club Penguin at the moment…. but unfortunately we are not able to visit the Migrator as crabs have taken over it… in fact, robotic Klutzies created and designed by Herbert P. Bear! I believe that whilst us penguins are fighting/ battling the crabs to get back our loot, back at the scenes Rockhopper is attempting to re-create and re-design his Migrator.

The penguins were really disquieted knowing that they could not visit the Migrator during the party but to make them smile, Rockhopper must be having ideas swimming in his piratey mind!

What I believe is that we will be able to visit the new ship that Rockhopper will complete for the ‘Merry Walrus Party’ and he will be the mascot again for two parties in a row!

Isn’t that marvellous? I am still not sure if this is true but if it turns out to be, it’ll sure be amazing!

Waddle on! 🙂


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