@ClubPenguin: December 2014 Review

Hey everyone,

Today I have a review on December 2014 especially since the Merry Walrus Party just came out. If Club Penguins is reading this, I suggest you embrace yourself.


Many people thought the decorations were poor and CP was too lazy. Not many rooms were decorated and the island was left in daytime instead of the traditional nighttime. I personally thought that the decorations for the rooms which were decorated were great but could be slightly improved. The fact that the team left the island in day disappoints me.

Coins For Change:

This one is a tough one. The fact catalog items coins go to Coins For Change is not good in my opionion. The reason being is that people would save up just for charity. Now they buy clothes instead. What’s the point of these Coins for Change pots if we can just go and buy stuff from a catalog?


I understand the team worked really hard on this app WITHOUT leadership from Spike Hike. This comes as Spike Hike only knew about the app a week before it came out. Furthermore, the app was only avalible on certain Android devices and countries. This is also annoying for me as when I emailed the team, they said the app will be ready for all Android devices yet I cannot download the app on my device. Even if you try to download the app, it will take money from your account.


The last time I checked, the app was meant to be free. Only some people are experiencing this issue though.

The TV Show:

Beleive it or not, I found the show quite good for it was the first show created by Club Penguin. I think that this should be the first step for a common TV show on Disney XD. Yet again, there have been no times given for Australia or Asia. Club Penguin need to work on getting their reality events and shows global but I am sure they will.


Yes, the crystal puffle is coming out soon but so did the ghost puffle and a ton of other puffles a few months ago. Club Penguin is too lazy tomake merchandise for these new puffles. In fact, they did not even make an annual this year. I beleive that adding a puffle every party won’t do it for them.

The community views: (You better embrace yourself here…)

The community is not at all impressed with the Merry Walrus party. Some describing it lame and others boring. The end story is that Club Penguin wants money without having to put effort into the game. They need to focus a lot more on Club Penguin. This year, all we wanted was an original Holiday Party where we could have fun. Did we get that? No! We got a Merry Walrus party. Instead of leaving the rooms undecorated, use the decorations from last year. Most members were impressed with the app. It did have 4 stars on the store but some were not. The overall lesson for Club Penguin to learn is to listen to the community. Listen to the Twitter community. Read the comments on the blog. Instead, they do the exact opposite! They close down most of the moderator’s Twitter accounts. Even before they did that, they were not listening to us. They were not replying, they were not following us and they were just ignoring us. Before, moderators would reply to us. That was when Club Penguin was a success. The community found the actual Merry Walrus show entertaining but here again, money, money, money. They will be selling it on iTunes. All they want is money. A few people have cancelled their membership because of the content in Club Penguin. Others say they are just here for the community. Well unless the moderators start interacting with the community, I think it’s fair to say there will be no community! The community play. They know what they want. Without the community there would be no Club Penguin.

I really hope one of the team members read this post. Please share this link and let the team read this. Club Penguin was going uphill and now it is going back down. Well, that’s all from me!

Waddle On!

Torres 126
CP Reveals Author


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